Terms & Conditions

This paper is an electronic record under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the relevant and modified provisions concerning electronic records in separate legislation, as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. A computer device creates this electronic record and does not need any physical or digital signatures.

This document is released in compliance with the provisions of Rule 3(1) of the 2011 Rules on Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) requiring the publication of the rules and regulations, the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for accessing or using the website Viacrafts.com.

Your use of the Website and its facilities and tools shall be regulated by the following terms and conditions as applicable to the Website, including, by contrast, the applicable policies incorporated herein. If you transact on a website, you will be subject to the rules applicable to that transaction on the website. You will be contracting with Viacrafts via the use of the Website and these terms and conditions, including the policies, represent your contractual obligations to you.

For these Terms of Use, “You” or “User” shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a buyer of the Website by providing registration data while registering as a registered user using computer systems on the Website, whenever the context so requires. Without registering on the website, Viacrafts allows the user to surf the website or make purchases.

When you use, including but not limited to, any of the services offered by us through the Website (e.g. product reviews), you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, regulations, terms, and conditions applicable to such service and will be deemed to be included in these Terms of Use and to be considered as part and parcel of these Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to alter, modify, add, or delete parts of these Terms of Use at any time without prior written notice to you at our absolute discretion. You must regularly check these Terms of Use for updates/changes. After posting the updates, your continued use of the website would mean that you approve and consent to the revisions. We grant you an intimate, non-exclusive, non-transferable, restricted privilege as long as you comply with these terms of use.

ACCESSING, BROWSING, OR OTHERWISE USING THE Web Implies YOUR Commitment TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS UNDER THESE TERMS OF USE, PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE THE Process. By accepting these Terms of Use implicitly or explicitly, you also recognize and agree to be bound by the Viacrafts Policies (including but not limited to the Privacy Policy available at Privacy) as amended from time to time.

Membership Eligibility

Usage of the Website is only open to individuals who under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, can form legally binding contracts. The Website is not authorized for use by individuals who are “incompetent to contract” under the scope of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, including juveniles, un-discharged insolvents, etc. If you are a minor, i.e. under the age of 18, you are not entitled to register as a Viacrafts website user and are not entitled to transact with or use the website. As a minor, if you wish to use or transact on the Website, your legal guardian or parents on the Website can make that use or transaction. Viacrafts reserves the right to cancel your membership and/or refuse to allow you access to the Website if you are brought to the attention of Viacrafts or if you are found to be under the age of 18.

Your Account and Registration Obligations

You are responsible for ensuring the security of your Display Name and Password while you use the Website, and you are responsible for all the activities that take place under your Display Name and Password. You agree that if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not by these Terms of Use, we shall be entitled to suspend, terminate or block your membership of the Website indefinitely and refuse to provide you with any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete.


You agree and understand that you are communicating with us via electronic records when you use the Website or send us emails or other data, information, or contact, and you consent to receive communications from us periodically through electronic records as and when necessary. We may contact you by email or by any other means of communication, whether electronic or otherwise.


For customers, membership on the website is free. No fee is charged by Viacrafts for viewing and purchasing the website. From time to time, Viacrafts reserves the right to amend its Fee Policy. In particular, at its sole discretion, Viacrafts can introduce new services and change any or all of the existing services offered on its website. In such a case, Viacrafts reserves the right, where appropriate, to introduce fees for new services provided or to amend/introduce fees for existing services. Changes to the Fee Schedule are posted on the Website and are immediately made effective as soon as they are posted on the Website. All fees are quoted in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified. You are solely responsible for complying with all relevant rules, including those payable to Viacrafts in India.

Content Posted on Site

Viacrafts exclusively owns all text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, images, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, and artwork. No portion of the Website and no material may be copied, replicated, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, interpreted, transmitted, or distributed to any other device, server, website, or other means of publication or distribution, or any commercial enterprise.

If you (1) do not delete any proprietary notice language in all copies of such documents, (2) use such information only for your personal, non-commercial information purposes, and do not copy or post such information on any networked device or broadcast it in any media, you can use information relating to goods and services intentionally made available on the Website for download, (3) make no changes to any such records, and (4) make no further representations or warranties in respect of such documents.

You are responsible for any notices, messages, emails, updates on the website, photographs, sketches, profiles, thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, audio files, or other material or information posted or transmitted to the website (collectively, “Content”). Such content will become our property and you grant us the rights to such content worldwide, permanent and transferable. We are entitled to use the Content or any of its elements for any form of use indefinitely, in compliance with our Privacy Policy as implemented by applicable law, including but not limited to promotional and advertising purposes and in any media, whether now known or subsequently invented, including the production of derivative works that may contain the content you provide.


We see privacy protection as a very significant concept. We acknowledge that one of our most significant assets is you and your details. We store and process your information, including any confidential financial information obtained, if any, on computers that may be covered in compliance with the Information Technology Act 2000 and the Rules thereunder, by physical as well as appropriate technical security measures and procedures. Please do not use the website if you object to your details being transferred or used in this way. Our other corporate organizations and associates can share personal information. As a result of such sharing, these organizations and affiliates can market to you unless you opt-out specifically.

We may disclose to third parties personal details. We may be required by this disclosure to provide you with access to our Services, to comply with our legal obligations, to implement our User Agreement, to facilitate our marketing and promotional activities, or to avoid, identify, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or unlawful activities relating to our Services. Without your express permission, we do not reveal your details to third parties for their marketing and advertisement purposes.

If we or our assets) plan to merge with or be absorbed by another business entity, or re-organization, amalgamation, business restructuring, we and our associates will share/sell any or all of your personal information with another business entity. If such a transaction happens, it would be necessary for another business entity (or a newly merged entity) to comply with this privacy policy concerning your personal information.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

This website, all materials, and items (including but not limited to, software and services used on or otherwise made available to you via this website shall be delivered on an “as is” and as available” basis, without representation or guarantee, express or implied, unless otherwise provided in writing. Viacrafts does not warrant, without prejudice to the preceding paragraph, that:

  • This website is continuously available or open at all times; or
  • There is fully real, correct, or non-misleading information on this website.

Viacrafts shall not be liable to You in any way whatsoever, or accordance with the Material of, or use of, or otherwise associated with the Web. Viacrafts does not warrant that this website; the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included on or otherwise made available to you via the website; the servers thereof; or the electronic correspondence sent from us shall be free from viruses or other harmful components.

When placing an order on the web, you will be asked to enter a valid phone number. You agree to be contacted by Us through telephone calls and/or SMS alerts by registering Your telephone number with us in the event of any order or shipment or delivery related updates. We will not, unless you are a member of our loyalty program, use your details to initiate any promotional phone calls or SMS.



When using either of the payment methods available on the website, we will not be liable or assume any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or harm that happens directly or indirectly to you as a result of:

  1. Lack of approval for any transaction(s) or transaction(s)
  2. “Exceeding your mutually agreed preset limit and between “Bank/s” or “Bank/s
  3. Any problems with payment resulting from the transaction, or
  4. For some other reason/s, denial of the transaction

Viacrafts may ask you to provide supporting documentation (including but not limited to Govt. provided ID and address proof) before shipping / delivering your order to you to maintain ownership of the payment instrument used by you for your purchase. This is done to provide our customers with a secure online shopping experience.


  1. Concerning transactions via the Payment Facility, you have expressly approved Viacrafts or its service providers to receive, process, facilitate and remit payments and/or the transaction price electronically or via cash on delivery to and from other users.
  2. You understand, recognize, and agree that Viacrafts’ payment facility is not a banking or financial service, but merely a facilitator offering electronic, automated online electronic payment, receiving payment via Cash On Arrival, collection and remittance facility for the Viacrafts Website transactions using the existing approved banking infrastructure and Cred

Payment Facility for Buyers

  • As a customer, you understand that you enter into a legally binding and enforceable contract with Viacrafts when you initiate a transaction to purchase Viacrafts goods and/or services using the Payment Facility, and you pay the transaction price through Your issuing bank to Viacrafts using the Payment Facility.
  • As a Customer, you can by electronic communication and electronic records and using the automated features offered by the Payment Facility, agree with Viacrafts on any extension/increase in the time of dispatch and/or delivery, and the Transaction shall be amended to that degree.
  • Any such Dispatch / Delivery time extension/increase or subsequent novation/variation of the Transaction should comply with the Rules and Policies of the Payment Facility.
  • You, as the Customer shall be entitled to claim reimbursement of the Sale Price (as Your sole and exclusive remedy) if You do not obtain the Delivery within the time agreed upon in the Transaction or within the period defined in the Policies, whichever is earlier. If you do not boost a refund claim within the stated period using website features, this will make you ineligible for a refund.
  • Except for the sale of Cash On Delivery, the refund, if any, shall be made at the same issuing bank from which the transaction price was paid.
  • For Cash On Delivery purchases, refunds, if any will be made in favor of the customer through the demand proposal (As per registration details provided by the Buyer). The repayment shall be rendered only in Indian Rupees and shall be equal to the price of the transaction earned in Indian Rupees.
  • Viacrafts reserves the right, directly or indirectly through a payment aggregator or through any such facility authorized by the Reserve Bank of India, to impose limits on the number of transactions or transaction prices that Viacrafts may receive from an individual Valid Credit/Debit/Cash Card/Valid Bank Account/ and such other infrastructure or any other financial instrument.
  • Viacrafts reserves the right to refuse to process Buyers’ transactions with a previous history of dubious charges, including without limitation infringement of any Buyer’s agreements with Viacrafts or infringement of any law or any charges levied by the Issuing Bank or infringement of any regulation.
  • The Purchaser agrees that Viacrafts would not be responsible for any losses, rights or claims, etc. arising from the failure to process a Transaction/Transaction Price or any delay in processing a Transaction/Transaction Price outside Viacrafts’ control.

Buyer’s agreement with issuing bank

All valid credit/debit/cash card/ and other payment instruments shall be processed using a credit card payment gateway or suitable infrastructure for the payment system and shall also be regulated by the terms and conditions negotiated between the buyer and the issuing bank concerned and the issuing company for payment instruments.

All online bank transactions from legitimate bank accounts are processed using the gateway provided by the issuing bank concerned, which allows the Payment Facility to provide users with these services. All such Payment Facility Online Bank Transactions are often regulated by the terms and conditions negotiated between the purchaser and the issuing bank.

Trademark, Copyright, and Restriction

Viacrafts manages and runs this platform, and Viacrafts sells goods. Copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights shall be covered in all content on this site, including photographs, diagrams, audio clips, and video clips. Website material is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You shall not in any way, including by email or other electronic means, copy, reprint, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute such content. Modification of the materials, use of the materials on any other website or networked computer environment, or use of the materials for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use, without the prior written permission of the owner, shall constitute a breach of copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights and shall be prohibited. For this section, any use for which you obtain any remuneration, whether in money or otherwise, shall constitute commercial use.